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BLACK ICE Documentary. A look into the history of anti-Black racism in hockey, from the 19th-century segregated leagues to date

Black Ice is a Canadian documentary film, directed by Hubert Davis, produced by Vinay Virmani and slated for release in 2022. Based in part on Darril Fosty and George Fosty's 2004 non-fiction book Black Ice: The Lost History of the Colored Hockey League of the Maritimes, 1895-1925, the film presents a history of the Coloured Hockey League of the Maritimes of the early 20th century, and the lingering history of anti-black racism in the sport of ice hockey. Executive producers of the film included Drake, LeBron James and Maverick Carter.
This insightful and important documentary explores the history of anti-Black racism in hockey, from the 19th-century segregated leagues to the modern professional leagues, where Black sportsmen are still fighting against prejudice.
This sharp, timely documentary explores the contributions made by Black players to Canadian hockey throughout its history, from the pre-NHL era to the present-day battles against racism. 
Black Ice, directed by Hardwood’s Oscar-nominated Hubert Davis, and executive produced by LeBron James, Drake, and Maverick Carter, is sobering look at structural marginalization in one of the most adored team sports in the world.

The Coloured Hockey League was the home of Canada’s top Black players and the venue for their advancements in the game from its founding in Nova Scotia in 1895 until its demise in 1930. While Eddie Martin of the Halifax Eureka was the first player to use the slapshot, the CHL was the first league to witness goalies bending down to make a save. When Black players were ultimately admitted to the NHL decades after the league’s dissolution, the initial sense of accomplishment was quickly dampened by racist occurrences both on and off the ice, sometimes by xenophobic spectators and other members of the profession, like fellow players and even coaches.

Image courtesy of CBC.ca The Truro Sheiks, one of the Colored Hockey League’s teams, in 1931. (Submitted by David Carter)Women and men from both major and minor leagues, including Akim Aliu, Saroya Tinker, Mark Connors, and Wayne Simmonds, are among the impressive group of athletes that Davis has incredibly gathered to share their perspectives and testimonies. Their experiences are illuminating and frequently upsetting, but their courage in telling their tales and their belief in the inherent beauty and thrill of hockey give Black Ice a contagious feeling of hope for a more inclusive future.

Hubert Davis’ hockey documentary Black Ice is produced by Vinay Virmani and executive produced by Future The Prince, LeBron James and Drake.

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