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Following the designs' Etsy debut, Davis amassed a following that even included a group from South Africa.

Day 20 of Black History Month

As for the melanated drivers, they now have their own clothing, and Jeep owners have their own wave. A Black lady from Chicago named Mariama Davis recently made a lot of money because to her love of her Wrangler when Jeep officially licensed the clothing brand she created. Jeep contacted Davis about the products in early January, according to NBC Chicago.

“We are excited to have her be a part of our licensing program,” said Kim Adams House, Jeep’s merchandising and licensing lead. “Especially when we saw her design that had the seven slot grill and the various hues that represent not just the Jeep brand, but it’s full culture, of multiculturalism – we knew we had something special.”

Mariama Davis

After coming up with the concept to create Jeep items during the epidemic, Davis looked for a graphic designer. She wanted the concept to represent the variety of Jeep enthusiasts.

“Jeep people are different… we literally wear something to show we’re part of the culture,” said Davis. “It could be a keychain or a shirt or a hat. I had been looking for apparel for me as a Jeep owner and I couldn’t find anything that reflected me as a Black woman,” Davis said. “So I came up with an idea… Jeep apparel, Melanin Edition… basically apparel for Melanated Jeepers.”

Mariama Davis and Kye Martins of NBC

Davis was able to have her ideas embroidered and printed on goods like caps and t-shirts by working with Crestwood-based graphic design firm Apparel Redefined. Following the designs’ Etsy debut, Davis amassed a following that even included a group from South Africa.

“To come from the inner city of Chicago and be here… I give thanks to God,” said Davis. “This has been a three-year journey… regardless of people not believing in you, people thinking you’re crazy, that you won’t be able to do it… well, I did it! I did it.”

As the firm gets closer to the time to make a formal announcement, Davis’ clothing collection is now available through over 145 lifestyle licensees worldwide and can be bought from Jeep’s Amazon site. – Steve Sijenyi


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