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Every purchase helps young African girls who experience menstruation poverty.

Meet Charis Jones, the founder and CEO of Sassy Jones, the fastest-growing privately held shop for black people in the country. What started as a side job selling jewels has grown into an $80 million enterprise. She also recently built the first flagship retail location for her firm.

Charis Jones, Founder and CEO of Sassy Jones (Photo: Shopify)

The brand was first created in her minivan, which she used to travel across the country to trade shows. It is now a multimillion dollar business that creates incredibly distinctive jewelry, audacious ready-to-wear women’s clothing, beauty products, and accessories. If you possess a piece of Sassy Jones, you realize that you are buying more than just a product when you do so. Additionally, every purchase helps young African girls who experience menstruation poverty.

“I am thrilled to open our first location where customers near and far can come for a fully immersive shopping experience,” says Charis. “A place where the unicorns can play – it isn’t about the purchase, it’s about how each customer feels. I want the Sassy Jones woman to walk away with more than just a handbag, I want her feeling gorgeous, connected and loved. This location will be the first of many to do just that.”

Charis Jones (Image: BlackBusiness)

The cult-like fan base of Sassy Jones, which teaches women to be fearlessly unapologetic with their fashion choices, is credited with the brand’s success. This fan base grew quickly after a series of Sparkle Parties, the brand’s weekly show with more than 30k viewers that teaches women how to feel undeniably confident in the brand’s newest arrivals. Celebrities like Kim Coles, Cynthia Bailey, and others of The Real Housewives became fans of The Sparkle Party.

The multimillion-dollar brand has grown to three warehouses today, employing a staff of over 40 people, and has racked up a long list of national honors, including placing No. 24 on Inc. 5000’s list of the fastest-growing, privately held businesses measured by revenue and growth with a 12,000% growth. Sassy Jones is a lifestyle brand that predominantly targets Black women, a demographic that is underserved by well-known fashion houses, and was also identified by Forbes as a top brand that flourished during the epidemic. Visit ShopSassyJones.com to access the company’s official website. – Steve Sijenyi



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