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Craig made an effort to rationalize the poison by saying he had bought potassium cyanide for his wife because she was suicidal but according to the authorities, Angela never shown any symptoms of suicidal thinking.

A Colorado dentist was detained on this week, according to the arrest affidavit, on suspicion of poisoning his wife and the mother of his six children to death so he could start a new life with his girlfriend. While his wife was in the hospital dying, James Toliver Craig allegedly flew in his mistress, a Texas orthodontist to whom he had received “sexually explicit” emails. Investigators believe this was his own fault.

( Image: Facebook/SummerbrookDental)

Just two days before his wife Angela Craig, 43, was rushed to the hospital, the 46-year-old even looked online for which poison would kill a person without being discovered and even brought a container of poisonous potassium cyanide to his office. In the affidavit released by The City of Aurora, Angela is reported to have complained of headaches and vertigo. After being hospitalized last Wednesday, her condition began to deteriorate quickly. She was put on a ventilator before medical professionals could declare her brain-dead. Authorities said she was taken off life support on Sunday.


The declaration in question seems like a marriage in turmoil, with everything from debt to adultery. In a previous occasion, Craig allegedly poisoned his wife, the legal complaint claims. Craig “had multiple affairs with several women, told Angela he had been addicted to pornography since he was a teenager, and drugged Angela about five to six years ago,” according to information provided to detectives by Angela’s sister. She continued by saying that Angela had informed her that Craig was on the verge of bankruptcy, which would be the second instance, in accordance with the authorities. Additionally, according to reports, Angela’s sister informed her that Craig drugged her and intended to commit suicide by fatal injection, and that he didn’t want her to intervene or try to rescue him. When she initially displayed signs of poisoning earlier this month, she texted her husband to say that she “felt drugged.”

Given our history I know that must be triggering,” Craig replied to her text. “Just for the record, I didn’t drug you. I am super worried though. You really looked pale before I left. Like in your lips even.”


Authorities say they believe he poisoned her with arsenic. Craig allegedly used a computer at his dental office to determine how much of the drug is needed to kill someone, and placed orders for three deadly chemicals, arsenic, cyanide and oleandrin. Investigators went on to claim that he poisoned his wife’s protein shakes with the toxins before eventually killing her with cyanide he ordered at his office. He even expressly requested that a staff member at his dentistry business not open a personal box that was scheduled to be sent to the facility. But unintentionally, another employee opened it. The first employee saw “a bio-hazard sticker and what said ‘Potassium Cyanide’ on a circular canister” inside the container while she was resealing it, according to the affidavit.

James Craig and his wife Angela (middle) ( Image: Facebook/SummerbrookDental)

According to reports, Craig made an effort to rationalize the poison by saying he had bought potassium cyanide for his wife because she was suicidal. Angela, according to the authorities, never shown any symptoms of suicidal thinking. Division Chief Mark Hildebrand of the Aurora Police Department described the alleged poisoning as “a heinous, intricate, and planned murder.” – Steve Sijenyi

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