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Facebook Warns 1Million Users About Their Accounts Details Stolen Via Malicious Apps

Nearly one million users will be informed by Facebook about the state of their accounts and how they
were compromised.
Meta has been informed that the questionable apps have been removed from their stores by Apple Inc.
(AAPL) and Alphabet Inc. (GOOG).


Meta offices via Flickr

Cybercriminals will employ similar themes to dupe users and steal their accounts and information because they are aware of how popular these kinds of apps are, according to David Agranovich, director of global threat disruption at Meta, according to Bloomberg.


As a precaution, Facebook stated that it would provide advice on how to identify suspicious apps and
prevent being “re-compromised”  by better identifying problematic apps.
Apple and Facebook unknowingly shared customer data with hackers who posed as law enforcement
earlier in March.

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