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It was last October when Carter went missing in rural Mississippi after twice telling the Taylorsville Police Department about the group of white men in pickup trucks who were chasing him, MSNBC reports. The last image of Carter was caught on a hunting video and shows him partially dressed and “running for his life.”

Courtesy of Rasheem Carter’s family

On November 2, 2022, one month after he went missing, Carter’s skeletal remains were found dismembered and scattered in the woods near the Taylorsville Police Department where he initially sought help. His skull was severed in half and despite the disturbing state of his corpse and the threats he shared in a police report prior to his death, local police have claimed that no foul play was involved.

In February, a third set of Carter’s remains were located and his family was only informed about the remains late last month via email, according to a statement by Crump’s law firm. Now, the family, Crump, and protestors are demanding justice and more information from police as they look to collect all of Carter’s remains to finally give him a proper burial.

“There should be no doubt that this was an act of murder, a hate crime — and a Mississippi lynching,” Crump said. “But the Taylorsville Police Department and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations continue to ignore the cold, hard facts and railroad the family at every turn.”

– Steve Sijenyi

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