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The Broward Medical Examiner's Office said that the cosmetic treatment was finished and Williams never awakened from the anaesthetic, nevertheless.

After 26-year-old Jaynisha “Jayla” Williams got cosmetic surgery for a breast augmentation and a Brazilian butt lift but never woke up, her family in Florida is looking for explanations. The operation happened on October 20, 2021, according to Florida news station NBC Miami. Williams visited the Best U Now cosmetic surgery facility in Plantation, Florida, with her mother, Latoshia Leggett.

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Leggett flew in from California to attend the treatment with her kid. Leggett watched as the physicians started treating her daughter from the foyer of the hospital. She claimed that she kept inquiring of her daughter’s procedure every hour and the doctors kept saying that the procedure is going fine. Leggett observed other patients departing the institution as time went on. Her daughter, however, was never seen. Then she heard the arrival of an ambulance and thats when she saw staff members wheeling William’s body out of the building, telling the her that her daughter had died. The Broward Medical Examiner’s Office said that the cosmetic treatment was “finished,” according to the local TV station. Williams “never awakened from the anaesthetic,” nevertheless. Williams’ death was reported as “undetermined” in its cause.

Best U Now is the subject of administrative complaints from the Florida Health Department. Dr. John Edward Nees, the facility’s approved physician, and the surgical center operating under the Serenity Capital Investments LLC license are both named in the lawsuit. Additionally, some claim that Dr. Millicent Muir, an OBGYN, gave Williams the lethal anesthetic. For a “unrelated complaint,” Atlanta Black Star claims that Muir was “barred” from the practice. Surgeons must use a “certified anesthesia provider” to provide anesthesia in the state of Florida. According to NBC 6, qualified specialists that can give anesthesia include anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists. The Florida Health Department is requesting that the center’s license be canceled or suspended. And that Dr. John Edward Nees get punishment as well. Dr. Millicent Muir consented to speak with NBC 6 for an interview. But according to the site, she gave them the erroneous phone number. – Steve Sijenyi



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