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In the course of a 72-hour truce arranged by warring groups in the North African nation, countries like France and Germany have assisted in the evacuation of roughly 100 Canadians from Sudan, and Canada is attempting to evacuate additional people.

Situation in Sudan volatile and deteriorating rapidly (Photo: CTVNews)

After a confrontation between the Sudanese army and a paramilitary organization known as the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) left hundreds of people dead, destroyed hospitals, and converted residential areas into battle zones, nations throughout the world hurried to expel foreign ambassadors and nationals from Sudan. On Monday, a 72-hour truce was agreed upon. 1,700 Canadians are officially registered with the foreign ministry in Sudan.

Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared that the situation in Sudan was “extremely difficult” and that his government was working with other nations to plan the use of specific airstrips to transport civilians. Canada said its ambassadors will temporarily conduct business from a safe place outside of Sudan after suspending activities there on Sunday. As a result of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Sudan, Ottawa has also announced immigration procedures to assist Sudanese temporary residents who are presently living in Canada and are unable to return home. – Steve Sijenyi

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