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Due to its premium, high-quality brands, VGS, which was founded in 2019, has quickly become one of the fastest-growing black-owned spirits firms in the United States.

Victor George Spirits (VGS) has established a partnership with actor, musician, and composer Cee Lo Green. Victor George Spirits’ product lines include the widely available Victor George “VG” Vodka and Fort Mose’1738 Bourbon, both of which are distilled at the Palm Beach Distillery, which the company bought in January 2022 and recently moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where its headquarters are now located.

Cee Lo and Victor G Harvey, owner of VGS (Image: Courtesy)

Cee Lo and Victor G Harvey, the company’s owner, initially connected in Miami in 2020 during a Super Bowl party held by VGS at Bar One, a well-known eatery on Miami Beach run by renowned restaurateur Peter Thomas, a Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member.

“My enthusiasm in partnering with the Victor George Spirits brands is immeasurable. It is literally an extension of my own good taste.  We shall shift the attention, and unbottle exceptionality, excellence, and ownership with clarity in which one can see their own reflection,” said Cee Lo Green.

Fort Mose’1738 Bourbon

Due to its premium high-quality brands, VGS, which was founded in 2019, has quickly become one of the fastest-growing Black-owned spirits firms in the United States. With two of the biggest distributors in the US, Republic National Distributing Company and Breakthru Beverage, they just signed a multi-state distribution agreement. Victor George Vodka was introduced in late 2019 and is now sold in 44 states and at the majority of significant stores, including Total Wine, Kroger, Trader Joe’s, and others. VGS introduced its first flavored caramel vodka in October 2022, and it has since gained popularity among bartenders, mixologists, and diners searching for a tasty, distinctive beverage.

Cee Lo and Victor G Harvey, owner of VGS (Image: Courtesy)

For the first week after its July 2022 debut, Fort Mose Bourbon was only available online. Since then, it has been available everywhere in the United States. The news is spreading quickly thanks in part to the amazing history of Fort Mose, the first settlement in America to let Black people to live freely, which is located two miles outside of St. Augustine, Florida. Fort Mose was released to stores shortly after. Fort Mose is now offered in eight states.

“Our business model in partnering up with celebrities, influencers, or professional athletes, we feel, is much different than most models I have seen and can really add value to our brands and our company ” said Victor George Spirits Owner Victor G Harvey. “We believe with the platforms they have they should not be simply a paid endorser of one of our products, that is a thing of the past. We want true partners and that means they share in the profits, creativity, growth and overall equity of the brand. That’s a partnership and consistent with our goal to be the largest Black-owned spirits company in the U.S. by 2025, hence we are very selective when making these choices and we knew Cee Lo would be a good one.”

Cee Lo Green at the Grammy’s (Photo: Getty Images)

Harvey received a $2.45 million grant from the Fort Lauderdale Community Redevelopment Agency in November 2021 to construct the city’s first black-owned distillery. Plans for the project have been expanded to include an 18,000 square foot structure with a rooftop terrace and bar, a restaurant, a cigar lounge, and a distillery. For Black History Month in February 2023, the ground will be broken. Retail prices for Victor George Vodka and caramel vodka are $19.99 for 750ml and $28.99 for 1.75L, respectively. Retail price for Fort Mose is $49.99. – Steve Sijenyi



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