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Harvey Weinstein Set To Go On Trial In Los Angeles

The disgraced film mogul's eight-week West Coast trial will begin on Monday with the selection of the jury.

Once more, Harvey Weinstein will appear in court, this time in Los Angeles.

Weinstein in Court

The disgraced film mogul’s eight-week West Coast trial will begin on Monday with the selection of the
Weinstein is currently facing additional allegations in Los Angeles, some of which, according to
prosecutors, occurred during a crucial Oscars race season. He is already serving a 23-year sentence in
New York for rape and sexual assault.
In the most recent case, the producer has pleaded not guilty to four counts of rape and seven counts of
sexual assault against five girls who will appear in court as Jane Does to conceal their identities.
Four more women will be allowed to testify about being sexually assaulted by Weinstein, despite the
fact that these cases did not result in charges.

Weinstein at The Golden Globes via Getty Images

The prosecution says that they hope these accounts will show jurors that the producer had some of
these habits.
Due to the lack of a grand entrance to the downtown LA courthouse and the fact that Weinstein will not
be visible to the media and protesters outside like he was in Manhattan, the trial is anticipated to be
much less of a media spectacle than the one that took place in New York two years ago.
Instead, he will be allowed to change from his jail uniform into a suit as soon as he is released from jail
and taken to the courtroom. Due to its small size, only twelve reporters and two sketch artists will be
permitted daily entry.
According to the accusers, four of these eleven alleged crimes occurred during the Oscars week in 2013,
the same year that Quinten Tarantino wrote Django Unchained and Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar
for best actress for their roles in The Weinstein Company’s Silver Linings Playbook.


The Jane Does claim that, like a lot of the sexual assaults that have been reported against Weinstein,
these took place at posh hotels in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills under the guise of business meetings.
The chauffeur who drove Weinstein around Los Angeles at the time testified to the beyond-VIP
treatment his employer received at such facilities at a pre-trial hearing. He also said that he was allowed
to take up to $1,000 in Weinstein’s name from the front desk of the resort where he was staying.
In addition, Alan Jackson and Mark Werksman, the previous producer’s attorneys, will not be on the
case for the former producer.
As the film She Said, a fictionalized account of the two New York Times reporters who first discovered
Weinstein’s crimes, is about to be released in theaters halfway through the trial on November 18,
Jackson and Werksman have expressed their concern regarding the timing of this trial. According to the
Associated Press, during a pre-trial hearing, Wekrsman stated:

“This case is exclusive. Mr. Weinstein’s notoriety and his place in our tradition on the heart of the
firestorm which is the #MeToo motion is actual, and we’re making an attempt to do every little thing we
are able to to keep away from having a trial when there shall be a swirl of adversarial publicity on him”

Their argument that the film’s publicity could undoubtedly bias the jury against Weinstein was rejected,
and denied their request to have the proceedings postponed as a result.




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