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Even though Kaluma appears to be holding his ground, the love, support, and feelings of pride undoubtedly overpower his sentiment.

Twitter users came out in force to stop the abuse after a politician with ties to Kenya made disparaging remarks about people with locs! George Peter Kaluma, a member of the Kenyan Parliament, posted a notification that had been distributed to students at Kenya Methodist University earlier this year, which started the discussion. The letter, which was written by the Dean of Students, was specifically written to “urge all students to adopt a look and wearing style that would be appropriate in the many domains of labor and society at large.” The dean pushed pupils to “wear properly groomed hair,” thus the first topic that was covered was “rasta/dreadlocks.”

The message was tweeted by Kaluma, who added the clear agreement, “This should be enforced by all universities and learning institutes.” Kaluma explained that the institutes are “developing leaders in many professions, not prostitutes,” as an explanation for his position. After the tweet began picking up traction, one user called it “very trivial.” He also inquired, “What’s wrong with dreadlocks?”

In turn, Kaluma dug himself into an even deeper hole by writing, “Imagine your doctor, lawyer, engineer in dreadlocks.” The second tweet from Kaluma in particular gained a lot of attention, and it started a trend where individuals flaunted their locs while discussing their professional achievements.

George Peter Kaluma, Kenyan Member Of Parliament (Photo: Twitter)

Even though Kaluma appears to be maintaining his ground, the love, support, and feelings of pride undoubtedly overpowered his sentiment. – Steve Sijenyi





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