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In order to improve the representation and exposure of AI artists and other creators of color in the art world, a program called "Melanated AI" was formed.

Melanated AI, a brand-new online marketplace, is committed to recognizing and promoting the talent of AI innovators and artists of color. These artists may sell their works using this exclusive platform as digital downloads, prints, canvases, or non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of digital asset that signify ownership of a special good, such a piece of digital art. They enable the production and trading of distinctive, verifiable digital objects, and have grown in popularity among artists and collectors in the realm of digital art.

NFTs give artists a fresh way to monetize their work and expand their audience. Artists may be able to sell their works for more money if they offer them as NFTs since collectors are ready to pay more for an item’s exclusivity and authenticity. This may be especially useful for up-and-coming AI artists who might not yet have a sizable fan base or a solid reputation. Since AI artwork is created by writing text prompts and giving them to software, there is now a discussion about who is the rightful owner of it. In the context of AI art, the issue of ownership is nuanced and frequently contested. On the one hand, AI artwork is produced by software and algorithms, which raises concerns about the degree to which the creator can retain ownership of the finished piece. On the other hand, a lot of AI artists contend that they contribute significantly to the creative process and need to be acknowledged as the work’s authors. Overall, there is no universally applicable solution to the ownership discussion as it relates to AI art.

Tavonia Evans (@tavoniaevans) / Twitter

However, AI artists can demonstrate their ownership of the work and claim a sizable portion of the production by participating actively in the creative process and utilizing their own unique content as input. In order to improve the representation and exposure of AI artists and other creators of color in the art world, Melanated AI was formed. It is a venue where these artists may exhibit their abilities, connect with new audiences, and make money from their work. The platform offers a wide variety of artistic techniques and media, such as 3D modeling, digital drawings, and graphic design. Discovering fresh talent is made simple by the ability for customers to explore and buy artwork by subject, style, or artist. Melanated AI is dedicated to teaching the general audience about the use of AI in creativity and the arts. Additionally, the site will regularly hold seminars and events with artists and professionals in AI.

“We are thrilled to launch Melanated AI, a platform that celebrates and supports the work of AI artists and creators of color,” said Aquarius Maximus (aka Technologist Tavonia Evans), Founder of Melanated AI. “We believe that representation and diversity in the art world is crucial, and we are excited to offer a space for these talented artists to share their work and connect with new audiences.”

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–  Steve Sijenyi



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