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Short people can increase their height by a few inches with the use of a new cosmetic operation that has been compared to a BBL.

A “magnetic lengthening rod and pins” are inserted into the thigh bones during the limb-lengthening treatment, according to Penn Medicine, to enable “controlled lengthening over a period of time.” By the conclusion of the process, which involves utilizing an external remote for the rods, individuals can have gained a few inches overall. Additionally, patients must concentrate on “gait training and leg strengthening throughout the lengthening process” and undergo physical therapy during the post-op period. In other words, even if this technique enables people to grow a bit taller, recuperation requires work!

Leg Lengthening (istock)

Despite the difficult rehabilitation, many still seek out doctors to assist them overcome their concerns related to their height. According to The New York Post, Moses Gibson, a 41-year-old Minnesotan, spent $75,000 to add three inches to his 5’5″ physique in order to score more dates. He spent an additional $98,000 last month to possibly increase his height to 5’10” after a first procedure that went well. Gibson also notes that the surgery is “definitely worth it.”

“After the first procedure, I was happy with it to some extent, but it was always in my mind that I wanted to do a second one to complete it…I’ll be happy at 5-foot-10. But if my body and everything else allows me to go 3 inches to get to 5-foot-11, then even better! I’d advise anybody who wants this to go for it—it’s definitely worth it. I’m definitely wanting to spread the word, and if it can help other people go through it then so be it, I’m glad.”


However, like any surgical procedure, there are some potential complications. According to England’s National Health Service (NHS), limb-lengthening surgeries pose risks like poor bone formation, blood clots, and infections. In fact, Twitter users have been cutting up about the whole procedure. Check out what some people had to say down below! – Steve Sijenyi


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