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VA strives to inspire a sense of pride in its consumers through the provision of high-quality services, with an emphasis on making things happen "with heart and care."

Day 16 of Black History Month

Essynce Virtual Assistants (EVA), a Black-owned virtual administrative assistance service intended to aid other small companies, was founded by Starr Barrett and her 20-year-old daughter Essynce. Essynce is a gifted serial entrepreneur and the vice president of youth development, while Starr is a business graduate with over 20 years of expertise in corporate administration.

Starr Barrett and her daughter Essynce (Blacknews.com)

For small and medium businesses, high-profile clients (celebrities/influencers), and non-profit organizations across the country, their company and its team of partners provide a range of services, including but not limited to calendar and travel management, phone answering, bookkeeping, document preparation, presentation creation, business operation management, chief of staff tasks, property management, and much more. EVA is dedicated to offering its clients easy and dependable help, with certain team members available 24/7.

Starr said, “At Essynce Virtual Assistants, we are a mother-daughter team dedicated to helping businesses evolve through our wide range of virtual administrative support services. As a business graduate with over 20 years of experience in corporate administration, I am thrilled to be able to bring my expertise to the virtual assistant industry and work with my talented daughter, Essynce Moore, VP of Youth Development, to provide personalized solutions to our clients’ needs. Our team is honored to operate as your virtual or personal assistant, saving you both money and time. Our goal is to instill a sense of pride in our customers through our high-quality services, and to be a valuable partner as you evolve your business. Together, we can make things happen with emotion and care.”

( CanvasRebel Magazine)


EVA provides one-time project help in addition to conventional virtual assistant services, as well as virtual office management. EVA strives to inspire a sense of pride in its consumers through the provision of high-quality services, with an emphasis on making things happen “with heart and care.”

Essynce continues, “We collaborate with customers to develop tailored solutions to their demands and provide a fresh viewpoint, enthusiasm for design, and creativity to the virtual assistant business.”

( CanvasRebel Magazine)

EVA has developed links with a range of suppliers and partners, and it is always looking to expand these relationships in order to offer more services. They provide the ideal solution for all lifestyle requirements. Visit their official website for more information about Essynce Virtual Assistants and their extensive offering of virtual administrative support services. – Steve Sijenyi


LIT604.com Is celebrating Black history month by publishing Positive news on Black people across Canada and United States throughout the month of February. Lit604 Founder Steve-Safari Sijenyi is producing and releasing a YouTube video everyday at 7pm PT that showcases Black people who embodied the spirit of Black Excellence, black-led Led Enterprises, Black-run organizations, Black allies and Pro-Black Organizations and Leaders from the public and private sector.




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