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Every year when Obama published his bracket, it was closely examined and eagerly awaited.

Barack Obama was well-known for being a devoted sports lover while he was president, especially basketball, which he played often. The first Black president filled out his NCAA Tournament bracket, which displayed the teams he projected would win each round of March Madness as well as the ultimate champion, much like many basketball aficionados and casual bracket watchers did every March.

(Image: Heritage Auctions)

One of those 2013 brackets is currently being offered at Heritage Auctions. The sale will conclude on March 25. The whiteboard that the forecasts are written on is projected to bring $20,000, according to the auction company. There is proof of the match in the real footage that shows him writing on the board. Following is the listing:

2013 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket Filled Out & Signed by President Barack Obama with Video Match. The forty-fourth President of the United States was the biggest hoops fan ever to occupy the White House, and he made an annual tradition of posting his March Madness bracket for the public every year, a tradition he maintains to this date. This is Obama’s first bracket after his reelection in November 2012, and if you Google “Obama 2013 bracket” you’ll find video of the former POTUS making all of his picks for the last thirty-one games.”


The whiteboard is “enclosed under plexiglass to guarantee it is not erased,” the auction house adds. The 36″ x 63″ board was initially acquired at an auction where a charitable organization benefited from the sales. The item does feature a huge, certified signature that has been given a 10/10 and is from the previous president himself. Every year when Obama published his bracket, it was closely examined and eagerly awaited. – Steve Sijenyi

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