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RESTAURATEUR: Ludacris Is Expanding His Business Empire

Ludacris will be opening a new location of his Chicken+Beer restaurant in Los Angeles International Airport as reported by What Now Los Angeles. Chicken+Beer's other location is at Concourse D • Gate D5 of Atlanta International Airport. The new LAX location will be located at 300 World Way, Terminal 3

We’ve seen Ludacris succeed despite branching out beyond the music industry.
Ludacris and chef Chris Yeo opened Straits, a Singaporean restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2008.He
credited the entertainment industry with guiding his approach, and the venture sparked his interest in
the food industry.
Sadly, the Atlanta restaurants eventually shut down in 2012.However, Ludacris was unable to give up his
enthusiasm for the food industry completely.
Instead, he kept it going and turned his “dreams into reality” by opening a restaurant four years later
with the name “Chicken + Beer”, which was the name of his studio album from 2003.

At Gate D5 in the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, the restaurant continues to
thrive. According to What Now Los Angeles, Ludacris is actually getting ready to open its second location
at the LAX airport because it has been so successful.

Ludacris and His Customers at his Restaurant Chicken + Beer in Atlanta

FOX 11 claims that the restaurant will be a part of the new shopping and dining experience in the brand-
new Terminal 3, which will open gradually when Delta Air Lines starts flying in October 2022.
Southern-style staples like battered catfish with corn edamame succotash and parsnip purée and Luda’s
chicken and pecan waffles with whiskey maple syrup and andouille sausage will allow visitors to
experience the excitement firsthand.

Chicken + Beer Restaurant in LAX

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