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Herjavec's estimate that the firm may be worth $50 million to $100 million caused Eigbe to beam broadly.

Once a shark in the shark tank began to bite, these business owners froze in disbelief. Owner of the frozen whipped Greek yogurt firm Sweetkiwi, Ehime Eigbe, recently convinced ABC’s Shark Tank investors to commit $250,000 in exchange for a 5% share in her business.

Eigbe and her husband, Michael Akindele, presented the dessert to the investors during the show, which aired on March 10. But, after speaking with each shark, they encountered some difficulties. Kevin O’Leary had made the couple an offer, but the shark withdrew it when he learned that they weren’t contemplating his investment. Sweetkiwi’s situation wasn’t yet ended because Robert Herjavec was still interested in investing in the business.

‘What I look for is with people that can land on their feet and adapt,” Herjavec told the couple. “Adaptability is the greatest strength of an entrepreneur. I don’t have a lot of investment in this space, but I love this space, and I want to learn. I’ve been looking to learn with somebody. I’ve been looking to partner with somebody where I can use my capital, my experience with enterprises, and we can build something great,” he continued. There are no two better people that I’m going to put my money into than the two of you.”


Herjavec’s estimate that the firm may be worth $50 million to $100 million caused Eigbe to beam broadly. The pair left the tank when Herjavec offered them a proposal in which they would spend $250,000 in exchange for a 16% interest in Sweetkiwi. In an earlier interview, Eigbe explained the history of her business and claimed that it was born out of her struggle with fibroids. She intended to make a delightful yogurt that would aid the body in absorbing the right nutrients in order to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“Our mission is to change the way consumers experience food by creating food products that are delicious, nutrient-dense, and support the body in absorbing nutrients with a commitment to advocating for safe, sustainable, and equitable food systems within the communities we operate in,” Eigbe shared.


– Steve Sijenyi

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