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Tech Founder Iddris Sandu Launches LNQ Marketplace Where Fashion Accesses The Blockchain

Iddris Sandu is a 25-year-old technologist and the founder of Spatial Labs, an impact-driven tech incubator supported by Jay-Z's venture capital firm Marcy Ventures.

Since launching LNQ Marketplace in May with the Gen One Hardwear collection, the decentralized retail
ecosystem is redefining the buying, owning, and selling experience with fashion through the first
blockchain-enabled fashion line. Iddris Sandu is a 25-year-old technologist and the founder of Spatial
Labs, an impact-driven tech incubator supported by Jay-Z’s venture capital firm Marcy Ventures.

Jay Z and Iddris Sandu via Macy’s

The Wearable Internet was created by design philosopher Sandu, who shifted the paradigm and
reimagined the channel through which fashion and products interact with the digital and physical
worlds. Oculus and Meta, on the other hand, are developing headsets that transport users to a virtual
world. We, at Spatial Labs, are asking, “How can we use the power of the blockchain to improve the
physical products you have in the real world while still allowing you to convert those to the virtual
world?” Sandu elaborates.


The LNQ and Gen One Hardwear collections, which sold out in a few days, caught the attention of
celebrity fashionistas, streetwear enthusiasts, and tech consumers. With LNQ’s groundbreaking
blockchain-enabled LNQ One Microchip, embedded code is used in every item on the LNQ Marketplace.
The embedded microchip then provides complete product lifecycle transparency as well as buyer and
seller authentication.

The way we can buy, own, and sell in the physical and digital worlds is rethought by LNQ
Marketplace. The platform also has engaging features and a one-size-fits-all model. Customers can get

the exact hues they want from LNQ’s custom-developed Pantone colors, and when scanned with an
iPhone, LNQ functions as a gateway to the Metaverse. Each scanned item, a first in the industry, lets
wearers access social media profiles, Discords, and Spotify playlists, among other events, both in person
and virtually.

Iddris Sandu and Kanye West 2019 via CNN

The LNQ Marketplace is accessible to tech users because it works on desktop and mobile
devices. Reversible and with hidden pockets, The Gen One Sweater ($499) is an all-purpose crewneck
sweater. Made in Italy, Ales Grey, a sustainable footwear and foot-tech brand, collaborated on the
design of the Cloud Gen One Clog ($250).The new Smart T-shirts called Orbs by Spatial Labs, which cost
$150 and provide real-world access to sLabs events, are also available. With the exception of the clogs,
they are manufactured in the United States entirely from recycled materials.



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