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Johnson is requesting at least $10 million in damages.

According to court records acquired by Rolling Stone, Trey Songz is being sued for $10 million in a case accusing him of sexual violence and assault after he reportedly grabbed and exposed a woman’s breast during a pool party.

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Additionally listed as defendants in the case, which was submitted on Thursday to a federal court, are Songz’s production firm, Atlantic Records, and his manager Kevin Liles. According to the lawsuit, all three were “responsible in some manner” for their client’s behavior and were negligent in their supervision of him. In a statement given to TMZ, Songz’s attorney Michael Freedman defended his client’s innocence. Megan Johnson, the victim, wrote Songz and his legal counsel a demand letter last year.

The rapper’s sexual assault lawsuit in 2021 Vegas, according to Johnson’s attorneys’ letter, allegedly inspired Megan to seek redress for herself.  According to reports, Johnson was involved in the altercation during Trey Songz’s “Foxwoods Liquid Sundays with Trey Songz” event in August 2013. There, the victim’s breast was reportedly pulled out of her bikini top by the singer without her permission. A video was made of Johnson’s interaction with Songz in the VIP tent. The footage, in their opinion, will be irrefutable proof in her case.

The victim’s complaint asserts that the defendants were accountable for Songz’s activities that day since they ought to have been aware of his “sexual proclivities” beforehand. Johnson claims that the encounter left her feeling degraded and emotionally traumatized. Her attorneys also stated that after the event, she was finally compelled to end her promising career because of the humiliation it caused. According to TMZ, Johnson is requesting at least $10 million in damages. – Steve Sijenyi

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