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The Russian leader said that the Poseidon missiles could "render U.S. missile defense systems useless.

Vladimir Putin’s infamous submarine, the Belgorod, is reportedly returning to port following a series of unsuccessful tests in the Artic Sea. The development occurs just a few years after the submarine was first put into service in 2019, and the submarine’s return to port is the latest setback for the Russian leader, who is already experiencing difficulties. The fact that the “Poseidon,” a nuclear-powered torpedo launched from Belgorod and put into service in July, failed to launch from the submarine during a series of test launches is even more alarming.

Vladimir Putin (Photo: CNN)

CNN recently heard from an intelligence source that the Poseidon is currently returning to the Belgorod and returning to Russia via the Barents Sea. The Western diplomat explained to the publication that “this can be seen as part of the bigger picture and Russia’s recent military practice, sending ill-trained and under-equipped troops to Ukraine.” She compared Russia’s inability to successfully launch the Poseidon to the country’s ongoing inability to take Ukraine. The source added, “We can also see that Western sanctions on high-tech military goods are having an effect and must continue.” “Russia’s military industry is going through difficult times,” the source said.

Vladimir Putin And his Defence forces (Photo: CNN)

The Russian leader said that the Poseidon missiles could “render U.S. missile defense systems useless.” He also said that the Belgorod had at least six Poseidon missiles and a bunch of smaller submarines that could be used for deep-sea testing and operations. Putin continues to suffer serious setbacks in his ongoing “special military operation” in Ukraine, and the recent failure of Belgorod is just the latest setback. This week, Russian forces were forced to withdraw from a crucial Ukrainian territory, igniting even more ire and criticism of Putin. One pro-Putin political analyst stated after the withdrawal, “Russia’s status as a great state is questionable after defeat in Kherson.”They will exert pressure and demand a soft surrender.

Vladimir Putin (Photo: CNN)

The retreat from the Ukrainian city of Kherson and the failure to launch Poseidon missiles from Belgorod occur at the same time that the vast majority of Putin’s troops are either surrendering, committing mutinies, or pleading with top Kremlin officials to alter their strategy in the war against their neighboring nation.


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