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Warner Bro. Rejects 2 Scripts Of The 4th Friday Movie

Cube has also accused WB of discrimination, writing that the projects he’s done for the studio “are habitually underfunded in comparison with projects featuring white casts and creative teams.”

The last film in the IceCube “Friday” franchise, “Friday After Next” will be 20 years next month.
Fans have been anticipating the next movie’s release for years, but some back-and-forth behind the
scenes has prevented that from happening.
At LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells festival, Ice Cube appeared on a special edition of  ‘drinkchamps’ recently.
He revealed that he is working to free the “Friday” franchise from Warner Bros.

Ice Cube at the ‘drinkchamps’ Podcast recording

Ice Cube said, he is trying to get it out of Warner Bros because they don’t believe in the culture. He
continued to explain that Warner Bros has the right to distribute the film.
He explained that once he takes the characters names, they automatically become the property of
“Friday” despite the fact that some people have been encouraging him to name the next movie
something other than “Friday”.

Ice Cube via Getty Images

Additionally, Cube disclosed that he wrote two distinct sequel scripts.


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