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His victory might be attributed to Baltimore, a city that struggles with violence and high unemployment rates.

Day 4 of Black History Month

Today, Wes Moore will take the oath of office as Maryland’s first Black governor. Maryland’s 63rd governor will make history. Throughout the inauguration, Moore wants to continue discussing the historical background. According to the Associated Press, Moore will participate in a wreath-laying ceremony before his address at the Annapolis City Dock, one of the area’s slave ports. The slave Kunta Kinte, who arrived in 1767 and was the subject of Alex Haley’s famous novel (and subsequently miniseries) Roots, has a memorial on the docks.

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Moore will take his oath on the Bible that Frederick Douglass, another notable Marylander, held. He will deliver his address while facing the mall in front of the Capitol, which is home to a statue of Thurgood Marshall, a justice of the US Supreme Court. There is work to be done, and the 44-year-old is prepared to get started in his home state. According to him, his victory might be attributed to Baltimore, a city that struggles with violence and high unemployment rates. Moore recalled that he was polling at 1% when the election initially started. “In Baltimore, we ultimately received 89% of the vote.”

The best-selling novelist recounts his experience with crime while briefly residing in the Bronx. He recalls being 11 when he was arrested in his book, The Other Wes Moore. However, he was granted a second opportunity. Wes stated in his book, as reported by CBS, “I want the folks who are given second chances to also understand that, you know, second chances become final chances at some point.”

He is the third Black governor in American history, so he has that opportunity. He is supported by Deval Patrick of Massachusetts, elected in 2006, and Douglas Wilder, elected in Virginia in 1989. Others who are making history are traveling with him. Aruna Miller, his campaign companion, is the first Asian American and immigrant elected politician in the state of Maryland. This month, Anthony Brown became the first Black attorney general of Maryland after being sworn in. – Steve Sijenyi


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